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Uisge beatha. The ancient Gaelic words for water of life, a substance so precious, with almost magical properties. It has survived thousands of years, passing from one generation to the next into what we today call whisky.


​But not all whisky is created equal, and the very best, finest whisky remains closely guarded and elusive to many. We have created The List to share our passion and access to this water of life with those like us.

Those on The List will have access to only the very best, rarest and exclusive whiskies in our collection.


Welcome to The List. 


Decades ago, Mr. O and Mr. H both enjoyed good whisky. Nosing it, tasting it, sharing it with others keen to learn the craft. They ventured beyond their borders with like-minded folk around the globe, finding the best casks, bottling them, and sharing the fruits of their labours with the world.

​But with time, their members took their privileges for granted, and that (so the legend goes), was how the monster was born. "We want more," they howled. Unable to tame the thirst they unleashed for the finest whisky, the crowd began to turn on them with angry emoji WhatsApp messages. One member even threatened to dismember her husband's, ahem, yes, unless she was given more Cask Strength Single Malt by the evening. 

Betrayed by their benevolence, Mr. O and Mr. H disappeared into oblivion, never to be seen again. Or so, that is what was believed. Until now...

​Unknown to the many that drove Mr. O and Mr. H underground, they continued working on their mission. Quietly and diligently from the shadows. Through encrypted Telegram calls and messages to covert Zoom meetings from one masked IP address to another, they kept alive their quest for only the best whisky, and with them followed only the most worthy of those that shared the passion.


These individuals - men and women from all walks of life in all corners of the globe - continue to enjoy the very finest bottlings that Mr. O and Mr. H unearth, and that has earned them a place on what has now been named: "The List".

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